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Emily Wants to Play Too

Emily is back with all new scares in Emily Wants to Play Too.

Emily Wants to Play Too is a survival horror game made by Shawn Hitchcock and published by SKH Apps. It is about a sandwich delivery guy that gets locked inside an evidence processing and storage office building by living dolls. What you didn’t know, was that three very strange dolls were recently brought there for processing and storage. These dolls aren’t ordinary; they have a mind of their own. Your night is about to take a turn for the worse, and it will be one of the strangest and scariest nights of your life. Throughout the night you will be looking for an exit out of the office. At some point, Emily will join in on the fun, along with the dolls’ new “friends”. You better play their games or else! Learn what you have to do and be on the lookout for a way to escape.

Game Info

Release Date: 13 Dec, 2017
Developer: Shawn Hitchcock
Publisher: SKH Apps
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Rating: 78/100

Website of Emily Wants to Play Too

Emily Wants to Play Too

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: i5 or AMD equivalent
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GTX 770 or equivalent

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: i7 or AMD equivalent
GRAPHIC: GTX 970 or higher

Game Features:

  • Much larger than the original
  • Survival horror with stealth and strategy
  • Linear and timed sections
  • New games and new characters

Emily Wants to Play Too Trailer

Emily Wants to Play Too Review

7.5 Total Score
Very Good

Emily Wants To Play Too is the sequel to Emily Wants to Play and the second title in the franchise. The environment has a creepy vibe. The gameplay is lots of fun and suspenseful, not to mention the secrets there are to uncover. You work for Timmy Thom's Fast Sandwiches and tonight your job is to deliver sandwiches from 4pm to 11pm. Your next stop is an interesting location. It is some sort of crime research facility where evidence from crime scenes around town is processed and stored. You uncover the story through audio tapes, photos, and other stuff in the environment. Each clearance level has a different "threat" and you have to avoid it. Eventually you open up lots of areas and are going back and forth to try and find everything you can just to get out alive. It is a fun game to pass the time with. You might get lost because the clues are very hidden. Good game for streaming definitely recommend for anyone wanting the next fun, indie horror game.

Very Good
User Rating: 3.63 (8 votes)