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You know…all the things you did while you were in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten is a funny adventure game made by Connor Boyle and Sean Young. You play as a student in a school that’s a bit…off. The teacher is trying to get rid of her kids. the janitor is frequently seen cleaning up blood. The cafeteria is serving the same slop over and over again. It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on, because your life might depend on it. Kids are walking around with strange devices planted on them after visiting the principal, and one of your fellow classmates has gone missing. Solve a missing person’s case!

Game Info

Release Date: 8 April, 2017
Developer: Connor Boyle, Sean Young
Publisher: SmashGames
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Rating: 70/100

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win XP
CPU: 1.6ghz
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics
HDD: 0.1

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 2.0ghz
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics
HDD: 0.1

Game Features:

  • Take part in show and tell!
  • Talk to the weird kid!
  • Play house with Cindy!
  • Destroy school property!
  • Get beat up by the school bully!
  • Solve a missing person’s case!

Kindergarten Trailer

Kindergarten Review

7 Total Score

Kindergarten is basically Groundhog Day style story progression met the unapologetic sense of humor from Postal 2, all wrapped up in a point and click adventure set in a kindergarten where the value of life is not very high. It succeeds in being both a challenging puzzle game and hilarious at the same time. Essentially, you are playing through a day as a child in kindergarten, but the day loops Groundhog Day-style. What starts off as a seemingly cute and charming school scene gets dark rather quickly, and for all that you have to fear from the downright sadistic and unchild-friendly staff harboring dark secrets. Ultimately you have to undergo every potential storyline in order to make it to the "true" ending and discover what's really going on at the school. It is dialogue heavy. You have an inventory, and make choices such as who to be friends with, and what to do with items.

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