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A Mars colonization program.

Rokh is a sandbox, science fiction, multiplayer survival game made by Nvizzio Creations and Darewise Entertainment. Build on your own or work with others to create a fully customized, massive Martian colony. Clever builders will ensure their structures can support future add-ons to maximize resources. Players will land on Mars to find that the previously developed human colonies have been decimated and they must work together to overcome and survive. With few blueprints, they must use their ingenuity to create tools from a variety of materials and construct their own encampments with no design limitations – giving new meaning to “Assembly Required.”

Game Info

Release Date: 16 May, 2017
Developer: Nvizzio Creations, Darewise Entertainment
Publisher: Darewise Entertainment
Genre: Action, Indie, Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Rating: 70/100

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i7 2.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560i (Medium settings)
HDD: 30 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 7 64
CPU: Intel i7 3.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (Ultra settings)
HDD: 30 GB

Game Features:

  • TILE-BASED ASSEMBLY. ROKH features tile-based assembly inviting you to design and construct your habitat the way you want.
  • A BEAUTIFUL AND DEADLY PLANET. Through Unreal Engine 4’s visual capabilities, you will explore the wonders of the red planet.
  • ADAPTIVE SURVIVAL. Each and every one of your moves serves one goal: survive! You will need oxygen, food and water, and to protect yourself from heat, cold, radiation and injury.
  • FREEFORM CRAFTING AND MODULARITY. Instead of classic blueprints, ROKH’s crafting system is based on modularity. Devices, tools and weapons are craftable and customizable, but must also serve your needs.

ROKH Trailer

ROKH Review

5.5 Total Score

Rokh tasks players with staying alive after crash-landing on the planet of Mars. The planet is deadly and being outside on a frozen night or stuck in a sandstorm can lead to fatal results. While Mars offers some accessible resources, you will need to be adaptive and creative to properly develop your colony. From majestic dunes, biomes, crash sites, abandoned bases and frightening and deep valleys, you will visit a variety locations to find life-saving resources and uncover the mysterious demise of the first colonists. The crafting is incredibly complex and has potential to be significantly deeper than other games in this genre. Some crafted devices can be socketed into your walls to automate tasks, provide heavier defense systems, increase survivability, provide creature comforts and much more. The territory in Rokh is harsh to create a feeling of a need for survival, with features such as the atmosphere and radiation to add to the challenge. Also, real-world problems are present, such as hunger and thirst. ROKH is a mix of crafting, survival and exploration with an overarching story, that allows to freeform and build a colony how they want. Really good game. Obviously in early access but it has a ton of potential.

User Rating: 2 (2 votes)