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G2 Fighter

Step on unknown journey with Bern Pierron to seek for the truth of this chaos world.

G2 Fighter is a action shooting game made by Orbit Games and published by HeyBox Interactive. Players are able to immerse themselves here and free to fight, drive and execute all kinds of missions. There will be a main story line that leads us go into this world of chaos, find the truth behind the darkness. G2 Fighter has a fast-paced combat style, you can equip with 3 different kinds of firearms, 1 melee and 1 grenade. Powerful weapons will enable you to fight a bloody path from countless enemies. You can’t stop playing with this amazing experience in challenging!

Game Info

Release Date: 28 Aug, 2019
Developer: Orbit Games
Publisher: HeyBox Interactive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Rating: 80/100

G2 Fighter

How to Download - G2 Fighter

Steam Download – G2 Fighter

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 2.50GHz
GRAPHIC: Intel HD 530

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 3.50GHz
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GeForce GT1050TI

Game Features:

  • Equipment in G2 drops randomly, they are of different qualities and ranks which can be strengthen by forging and inlaying. Randomness makes equipment unique and you should always choose to gear those that match your combat style. Epic gear will also be your ultimate goal!
  • We invited Doug Cockle and a dozen superior dubbers to OMUK studio to dub for G2 FIGHTER. Dubbing shapes the images of characters, makes the story more vivid and leaves you feeling exhilarated.
  • Besides the main story line, there are lots of side quests for you to choose. Different decisions on quests will result in different plots. Dungeons will be active in the latter stage of game, you can enjoy yourselves in endless war.
  • Multiplayer mode is now available in G2. Cooperate with your friends, cover, charge and fire support! Assemble your team to defeat stronger enemies or make a joke on your close friends. We are sure this mode will bring you brilliant game experience.
  • Real-time system will not only determine the light and shade but also influence event trigger. The open plan world map allows you to drive as you wish. With the story goes by, more forces will appear on horizon. Their destiny will also walk to different destinations.

G2 Fighter Trailer

G2 Fighter Review

8 Total Score
Very Good

G2 Fighter is a top-down Action RPG set in a distant future where the majority of Earth is reduced to a barren wasteland as consequence of a now distant conflict. The discovery and activation of a large number of android-like characters during the post-apocalypse led to the current state of things: a modern society composed of advanced androids much like real humans. Impersonating agent Bourne Pierron, players will undergo military training and then set on a series of missions in order to reclaim the wastelands from cults, marauders and gangs of all kinds. From the fleshed out lore, easy to follow backstory, character progression, all the interactions with the waifus, the different weapons types, the entirety of stats and how they change the core gameplay, all the way to the jokes and references to other video games and media. The downtime of running to get quests for 2 minutes is heavily outweighed by the combat that follows mere minutes later. The Multiplayer is where the game truly shines as you and some pals go from mission to mission in an ever increasing difficulty of swarms of enemies and your eternal quest for better loot. I really recommend this game. It's a lot of fun and has lots of content, which will keep you enticed for hours. I look forward to future updates!

Very Good
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