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Hypnospace Outlaw

Scour the darkest corners of the Web for scumbag users who violate Hypnospace law!

Hypnospace Outlaw is a simulation game made by Tendershoot, Michael Lasch and ThatWhichIs Media, and published by No More Robots. Hypnospace is the first and most popular Sleeptime service, and they’ve accepted your application to serve as an Enforcer. As the uncertainties of a new millenium consume the bustling digital metropolis, will you use your new post to help your fellow Hypnospace Citizens or slam them with violations to amass a HypnoCoin fortune?

Game Info

Release Date: 8 Mar, 2019
Developer: Tendershoot, Michael Lasch, ThatWhichIs Media
Publisher: No More Robots
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 78/100

Hypnospace Outlaw

Download - Hypnospace Outlaw

Steam Download – Hypnospace Outlaw

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 1.4GHz processor or faster
GRAPHIC: Integrated graphics should be fine
HDD: 0.5 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 1.4GHz processor or faster
GRAPHIC: NVIDIA or AMD dedicated graphics with 1GB VRAM
HDD: 0.5 GB

Game Features:

  • Crawl through Cyberspace: Scour the darkest corners of the Web for scumbag users who violate Hypnospace law!
  • Treasure hunting: Do your job to earn Hypnocoins, or ignore your inbox and go hunting for hidden pages, downloads and secrets!
  • Dangers and delights: Download groovy GIFS and MIDI files, but watch out for adware, toolbars and hackers!
  • Relive your childhood: Equip obnoxious screensavers and skins for your desktop, and wiggle your mouse pointer around to make pages load faster!

Hypnospace Outlaw Trailer

Hypnospace Outlaw Review

8.2 Total Score
Very Good

Hypnospace Outlaw is a retro-trip into the wild web of the '90 and it is also a great detective game. As part of your job as a Hypnospace Enforcer, you'll be watching out for copyright infringement, internet bullying and more, with reports and rewards coming direct from the Hypnospace Patrol Department to your inbox. In your spare time, you can customize your HypnOS desktop however you see fit, with a variety of downloads, wallpapers, screen savers and helper bots to keep you company. Hypnospace Outlaw is one of those games that deserves not merely to be played, but also to be treated as an opportunity to think about our digital lives, now and then. The level of detail is top notch, and if you enjoy submerging yourself into a huge explorable universe this is definitely the game for you. Just a small bit of extra polish would have made this game perfect, but as it stands, its a very great addition to the Adventure game genre and Point-and-Click games as a whole.

Very Good
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