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Gather your friends and have a lot of fun with Marooners!

Marooners is being developed by M2H and friends, connected by their love of party games. M2H is known for their hugely successful titles “Verdun” and “Crash Drive 2”. Play a mix of fun party games as you switch back and forth between them. Choose your favorite Marooner to run, jump and bash your way to glory in this crazy party game! Marooners keeps you on the edge of your seat as you overcome challenges requiring both skill and some luck while sadisticly laughing at the misfortune of your friends. Run, jump and slap your way to victory!

Game Info

Relase date: 15 September, 2016
Developer: M2H
Publisher: M2H
Genre: Action, Indie
Rating: 75/100

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win XP
CPU: 2 GHz dual core
GRAPHIC: Dedicated GPU recommended

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: 2 GHz dual core
GRAPHIC: Dedicated GPU recommended

Game Features:

  • Playing with friends in your own living room is awesome, we support that! But maybe you want to party with friends or strangers online? No worries! Everyone from all over the world can easily play together. Any combination of 2-6 local and / or online players is possible.
  • Marooners throws you into a chaotic mix of minigames. You’ll be switching back and forth between exotic locations, all the while grabbing as much treasure as you can. Just try not to drown, get burned, squashed, blown up or worse… Treasure and victory await!
  • Unlock cool and quirky characters and choose your favorite. Equip your Marooner with unique weapons that make your opponents think twice about who to mess with!
  • Challenge your friends in Arena Mode to see who’s the king of the ring! In addition, from time to time stumble upon fresh new chaos in a hidden game mode or two! Expect the unexpected and die… we mean WIN in extreme ways! Ready for more?

Marooners Trailer

Marooners Reviews:

7.5 Total Score
Very Good

It's a really fun party game with little minigames similar to some of those you'd find in Mario Party. This minigames cycle through and chance everyone 15 seconds making the game play frantic and never stale. The point of each one is to get as much treasure as possible. Chaotic and wacky, definitely a party game!

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