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Rise of Legions

Ascend to the next Tier, plan your strategy, craft your Deck and crush your enemies!

Rise of Legions is a free-to-play strategy game made by indie studio Broken Games and published by Crunchy Leaf Games. Play competitive matches and take on fierce bosses in PvE challenges. Collect dozens of powerful units and devastating spells to build your deck. It is a “castle siege RTS” built around “short, intense 1v1 matches” that has players trying to smash their opponent’s castle before their own castle ends up similarly schmucked. It’s based on the old Warcraft 3 mod Castle Fight, if that rings a bell, it’s free.

Game Info

Release Date: 22 Feb, 2019
Developer: Broken Games
Publisher: Crunchy Leaf Games
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Rating: 72/100

Rise of Legions

Download - Rise of Legions

Steam Free Download – Rise of Legions

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel Core i3
GRAPHIC: Any with at least 1GB VRAM

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel Core i5
GRAPHIC: Any with at least 2GB VRAM

Game Features:

  • Command sacred archers and shiny knights accompanied by angelic forces. Raise your shields and stand strong!
  • Lead an army of vivid plants and ancient trees into battle. Root your enemies and drown them in a flood of saplings. Evolve them to become stronger.
  • Freeze your enemies and drain their life. Creatures from the void gather souls to unleash sinister abilities upon their foes.

Rise of Legions Trailer

Rise of Legions Review

7.2 Total Score

Rise of Legions game is amazing and has bright future! It's a nice balanced combination of multiplayer tower defence/card game/strategy etc. There are 3 playable Legions to choose from. The Green Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of heal-over-time effects, rooting your enemies in place and last but not least, hordes of Saplings that can be evolved into powerful creatures. The White Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of healing and shielding spells that can be targeted at multiple units at once. Overwhelm your opponent with masses of archers and knights and make them survive to the last minute in order to turn the tide of battle. The Black Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of freezing spells and abilities, as well as ripping out the souls of enemy units in order to trigger powerful passive abilities. This game is simple and easy to learn, great fun and allows a diversity of strategies and tactics through synergy mechanics of units within the "factions" (legions) and combining units of different legions and without any nasty pay2win features in the game. Players will collect cards to build decks of unique units, taken from across three unique Legions—factions, basically—which can then be turned against human opponents in quickplay matches or PvE "challenges" against AI-controlled bosses. All in all, it's a really fun and addicting game. Once they add more Legions and the player base gets larger, this will be a great game.

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