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Supraball is the successor to deathball and a superior product for coordinated team sports action.

Supraball is a free-to-play indie sports game made and published by Supra Games. Play football in first person view and develop your own tactics and tricks. Play with up to 9 of your friends or join alone. As a first person sports game Supraball sets you right into the middle of the action. With other real life players in your and the opponent team your best shot at winning is to play as a team and outplay your opponents with active participation at both offensive and defensive ends. Whether you love scoring compelling goals, harassing your opponents by knocking them out of position, excelling as a goalie or making mind-boggling passes, your choice of role and play style contribute to your team’s effectiveness. Tactical strategies and the ability to react to different situations as a team can greatly influence how dominant your team will be.

Game Info

Release Date: 2 May, 2016
Developer: Supra Games
Publisher: Supra Games
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Sports
Rating: 76/100


Download - Supraball

Steam Download – Supraball

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2.66GHz
GRAPHIC: Geforce GTX 500 series or better (Does not work with Intel HD Graphics!!)

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2.66GHz
GRAPHIC: Geforce GTX 500 series or better (Does not work with Intel HD Graphics!!)

Game Features:

  • Invite people from your Steam friends list right into your match, receive achievements, stats and enjoy all other advantages of Steam on Windows.
  • Climb the Player or Team Ladder. Play mixed ranked matches or challenge other teams with your own team (you and four of your friends).
  • Easy to learn but hard to master. The gameplay allows for very deep mechanics and tactics with very high precision controls.
  • Comprehensive stats tracking! See how many goals you scored in your entire career, how your pass safety rate is, what your winning and save rate are, how many chances you need for a goal and much much more.
  • A league system that works just like in football. Win the matchday with your team, gain 3 points and climb up in the table. Be among the first at the end of the season to get promoted to the next higher league.

Supraball Trailer

Supraball Review

8.8 Total Score
Very Good

The sport of Supraball is the most popular one among a people which we as humans are most often not too aware of. Their resemblance to stick figures is startling, but their true nature and origin is yet unknown. However, one thing we can say for certain: They love playing Supraball! "What is Supraball? - imagine you're playing fifa, controlling just one player. Okay now imagine that each other player is a real person. Okay now imagine you're in first person, and you have this super awesome cannon with dozens of combinations of spins that fires a yellow ball at 400km/h. Okay now imagine you've fired that into the top corner at that speed - and someone saves it. The basic game rules of Supraball are quite similar to human sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and many others. The abilities of Supraball players, however, by far exceed those of ordinary people. Their high jump capability and use of specialized ball cannons turn this sport into a fast-paced game which attracts many of their people to watch its most excellent players at spectacular events. Gameplay is polished and fun and definitely has that "easy to learn, hard to master" kind of hook to it. Fantastically fun with a small group of people, lots of strategy and varied styles of play (not just how different it is to play goalie vs striker, but in terms of how you prefer to play those roles as well).

Very Good
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)