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Tower Dwellers

The Good Ones vs Evil Hordes.

Tower Dwellers is an unit crafting tower defense game developed by ECC GAMES. There was an old legend that told a brave tale, That a player would came to help us prevail. Wherever he touched a building would stand. Together we’d fight to reclaim our land. He would swipe with his finger to show us the way. Tireless. Fearless. He would battle all day… And into the wee hours of the night! If we weren’t victorious he’d continue the fight. And now you are here. The legend fulfilled. You will lead us to battle, purge the land and rebuild. There are two fractions to choose: “The Good Ones” – on a quest to reclaim their home, and “Evil Hordes” – the baddies that started this mess.
THE GOOD ONES – Once peaceful farmers, they were forced off their land by hordes of evil monsters. Help lead them to battle and reclaim the lands they once called home. Craft your army by combining the different support structures to produce powerful units. Command your units in battle stopping the enemy and reclaiming each province.
EVIL HORDES – No one knows where they came from, or from what they evolved but alas they are here and they need to be dealt with. Evil, vicious and of questionable species we think they will be best forgotten.
Game features lots of micromanagement and keeps the player engaged in the battle throughout the entire game.

Game Info

Relase date: 23 August 2016
Developer: ECC GAMES SP. Z O.O
Publisher: ECC GAMES SP. Z O.O
Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense
Rating: 75/100

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Tower Dwellers

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win XP 32
CPU: Dual Core CPU
GRAPHIC: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512MB of video RAM
HDD: 0.5 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: Dual Core CPU
GRAPHIC: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 1.0GB of video RAM
HDD: 0.5 GB

Game Features:

  • Command your units in Real Time and assist them in battle with your magic spells
  • Craft Units from each tower to build a strategic army
  • Non-linear progression – decide which territory to conquer next based on the upgrades it unlocks
  • Perfect your strategy by staging battles in the encyclopedia sandbox mode
  • Complete the hilariously narrated tale to regain a land once lost

Tower Dwellers Trailer

Tower Dwellers Reviews:

7.5 Total Score
Very Good

Well made tower defense game. Tower Dwellers Gold is a free to play tower defense type game from ECC Games. Offering charming graphics akin to The Settlers series of games, Tower Dwellers keeps the production values steady with a glimpse of a storyline to keep one interested. The first thing you're bound to notice about this game once you've gotten past that resemblance is how nice the production values are. You get a nicely-voiced narrator who introduces the story and bridges certain chapters in a humorous style. The graphics are really nice, something you might not notice until you zoom in on the playfield. Overall, Tower Dwellers is a very solid offering. There are some unique features and game play mechanics that you don’t typically find in a tower defense game.

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