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The families that died in the house will haunt you and leave you restless.

Visage is a horror adventure game developed and published by SadSquare Studio. Explore a mysterious ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments, and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience. Dying is part of the game. You need to avoid terror at all costs, as dark entities are attracted to it. Maintaining your mind as sane as possible will keep you from joining the ranks of the dead. Doing so will not be easy, and you’ll have to figure out ways, like staying in the light, to avoid going insane.

Game Info

Release Date: 2 Oct, 2018
Developer: SadSquare Studio
Publisher: SadSquare Studio
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Rating: 82/100


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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
GRAPHIC: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 or AMD Radeon™ R7 370
HDD: 10 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Ryzen™ 5
GRAPHIC: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 480
HDD: 10 GB

Game Features:

  • The game is set inside a huge house in which terrible things have happened. You’ll wander through the gloomy corridors, explore every dead room, and get lost in endless mazes, your head filling with memories of the dead families that once lived in this very home. This twisted environment, void of any life other than yours, takes you to places you couldn’t even bear imagining.
  • The families that died in the house will haunt you and leave you restless. They’ll follow your every move, watch you from every corner, play tricks with your mind, and try to attack you. Why do they haunt you? What have you done? This you have to find out on your own.
  • This house is stained with a terrible past. Families were brutally murdered by their own family members, people went insane, many committed suicide, and other grisly events occurred. Each and every room has its story painted on an invisible canvas. As a player, you will relive parts of this dark past, and each of its fragments will leave you restless and terrified. You’ll soon wish you could join the dead’s ranks in their abyss, but death won’t help you leave this place. Will you run from it, or will you try to uncover the truth behind the shadows?
  • In Visage, you are defenseless; no weapons could save you from the dreadful entities stalking you from the next corner, the next door, or underneath your feet. You’ll be able to pick up key elements, interact with the environment, and search for things that may help you escape this nightmare or pull you deeper into it.

Visage Trailer

Visage Review

9.1 Total Score
Very Good

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. Wander through the halls, explore each room and every corner of the house in search of an escape route. Uncertainty will keep you on your toes as you explore the creaky and noisy house, while each crack, each silent breath from a window, and each small event will drag you closer to death. The game starts pretty intense with a murder suicide but i guess you missed your head and you wake up in your house. Atmosphere skyrockets through the roof and the game will make you scared of pretty much everything in the house. Be on the lookout, there are paranormal activities in there and you need to keep your sanity in check. Add this one to your collection you wont be disappointed.

Very Good
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)